Culture Shock…Or something like that

I have to say that there’s not that much culture shock involved. As you can see, it’s the little things that are different.

Electrical outlets are on 11ov, not 22ov like the states. I can’t get the charger for my camera to work no matter how I play with converters and extension cords.

It’s hard to find books in English, and the titles are limited. It’s kinda cool seeing all the European covers for things like these Harry Potter books (although Cissy says the graphics suck).

It’s a smoker’s paradise. Cigarette machines everywhere. The one above is on a main street. My friend even ordered a pack with dinner last week, and it was on the bill. Obviously no smoking ban in restaurants here. It kinda goes with the atmosphere, though.

The telephone booths take cards, not change. You have to buy a T-com (T-mobile to us americans is the german national phone company) card to carry with you.

It’s kinda neat seeing new places and experiencing new things, all and all.

Bye for now. Next time I’ll post some of my pics from the castle here in Heidelberg.


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