Muffin Top

I just had to say something. One of the few things I’ve found I dislike in Germany is the false notion that everybody is skinny. OMG. The jeans here are in sizes not to be believed, and everybody tries to squeeze into some super low-rise jeans that they should not try to squeeze into. Even skinny little girls have muffin top. It’s a little disturbing. Oh Well. I know what size I wear, and at least H&M is there to save me. But really, not everyone is a size 0, thank god.


One thought on “Muffin Top

  1. Hey Ebony,

    This Blog is a Cool idea. I hope all is well with you in Germany. I miss you! How is the food? I know you look great! I’m glad your told me your parents were coming to Germany. Heard Cissy got a new apartment… (weep) everyone is leaving the nest. Couple things… I am going to Strasborg, France next semester for study abroad so we should get together. I leave for Berlin Aug. 22. I got an internship with DHS at the University of Maryland this summer doing research on the effect of terrorism on the national economy. I got a new fish named Smooth Operator. Tyshania is have a little bundle of joy..she graduates this Sunday… Finally!!! Today is the last day of school but i am so stressed about work… i know everything will work out… No i have not been running…I cant wait to get back home so i can get back to my excercise regime… Im going to play soccer on Friday so i hope that will do me some good…Can you get mail… sure you can.. i am going to get your address. Hope to see you in Germany soon.. Lots of love, hugs and prays…


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