Hi All,

Well, on Friday we went to Paris. It was an amazing, if dreary, day. We got to see places I’ve only seen in pictures, and the sense of history was amazing. The only bad part was that we only spent a day there. The crowds were out of this world. Way more than I’m used to, and I lived in DC. I’m sure part of that was because the French Open started yesterday, and people were there for the matches and to enjoy Paris. It is definitely a place I’ll be returning to. I didn’t even go in the Louvre because to me that is its own separate day.

My parents are flying home today. They should be about halfway there by now. I’m pretty sure they enjoyed themselves. I know I did.


My Parents are Here

My parents are finally here in Germany. They’ve only been planning this trip forever, it seems like. Of course, my Dad’s main focus seems to be eating in every restaurant that has something in it he can’t get in America. Plus, the bakeries are reaping the benefits of his time here. So far they’ve been around Heidelberg and to Munich. The trip to Paris is this Friday. Here are a couple of pics of them in Munich and Heidelberg.


is everywhere. It’s the worst. I’m having a hard time with my allergies this week. In addition to that, it’s making it even harder for me to breathe when I’m running outside. I went to the doctor yesterday and asked them to test me for exercise-induced asthma. I go for those studies tomorrow. If that is the case, maybe I’ll be able to get something to make life easier.

On the positive side of this, the flowers are really pretty now.

Now that’s a Hair Cut!

Finally, I have a hair cut. One that I like and will work with this no air-conditioning thing. That other hair was HOT! Figured that out yesterday, and we haven’t really gotten to summer yet. Here’s a photo, in case you missed the one in my profile.

Still on my fitness journey. I noticed today that I really have calf muscles now. Must be all that running. Now I only have to keep it all up. That’ll be the true battle.

National Scrapbooking Day!

Today is National Scrapbooking Day, as you can see. I’m going to spend a little time on the internet seeing what’s out there for the event. Need to work on at least one project today, and that’s my It’s a Chick’s Life challenge for this week. Still haven’t figured out what “Finding your Voice” means to me. We’ll see.