Garter Rib Socks and More

Garter Rib Socks

Well, almost done with the ugly socks. Like I said, apparently others don’t think they’re so bad, but I still will be happy to give them away. As promised, though a little late, here’s the photo. I’m already planning my next pair of socks. I got some Fleece Artist in Mahogany and Lorna’s Laces Sheperd’s Sock in Blackberry in the mail yesterday from Simply Sock Yarn Co. Great stuff that I want to play with immediately. I’ve decided that I need to try to work with the sock yarn I got before the holidays from Wolle Rodel first. I’m thinking some Jaywalkers.

New Yarn Purchase

I also cast on this past Friday the Faux Russian Stole found in A Gathering of Lace. I’m done with the first border and working on the second. When there’s actually something that looks like lace, I’ll post a pic. I’m using another yarn, Sienna, from Wolle Rodel. I couldn’t wait for my KnitPicks order to come in the mail, and went shopping for an immediate fix instead. It turned out to be a good idea, as this is my first lace project and a laceweight yarn probably would have gotten me more frustrated and confused than I’ve been. So far, so good.


Safe and Sound in Spain

Well, the journey is done.

I made it to Spain in one piece and then had to wait 5hrs for my family to get there, but we connected. When they realized that I wasn´t at the airport in Valencia someone called me. We drove all night and got back to the resort this morning at 8am.

So, all is well.

More later.

Oh, and my cousin likes the ugly socks, so to her they go.

Travel Disasters

This has been the worst day I´ve had in Germany so far. I started the day optimistically. I bought my train ticket to the airport with no problems last night. I got on the right train this morning to take me merrily on mz way. I get there with no problems, and that´s when the drama begins. I noticed that the airline is not listed on the roster, but I thought it was some kind of mistake. I wandered around two different terminals for 45min (dumb me) looking for Ryanair. Finally I stop and ask someone at a car rental counter, because there are no PEOPLE at the information desk. Everything is computerized, making it hard for the dumb American. And that´s when I get the news. The airline is not ACTUALLY in Frankfurt. It just says that on my plane ticket. Obviously, I should have known that just because a city is listed, that isn´t reallz where the airport is. Where it is, is an hour and a half away. An HOUR and a HALF. And my plane leaves in and hour and 15 minutes. So of course I missed it. And there´s not another one to Valencia until the 26th. After Xmas.

So, I paid the 75,-euro and am on my way to Gerona, which is probably another 50miles from Valencia, which was 50 miles from where I need to end up.

Oh, the drama.

And the great part is, I can´t reach my family to tell them where I´m going because they don´t have one working phone between them right now. I´ve left messages with the people whose phones do work, and I can only hope someone gets the message.

Hideous Sock Yarn

Ok, I am going to say it. This yarn is HIDEOUS. No, I really mean it. These socks are destined to be used in boots and other footwear that will not allow viewing. Friends claim they’re not so bad, but I know better. I refuse to just quit, even though I think they’re really ugly. Why? Because I need new socks. Plus, I’m just trying my first pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks and at this point this pair will be a learning experiment.

Pics tomorrow when the first one is done.

The Holidays Begin!

And so it begins.

Last night I got a phone call from Aunt Phyllis. She, Janice, and Ashleigh were waiting for the train in London to return them to Paris. They will be taking a flight from Paris to Spain on Monday. It was pretty cool to have that conversation while I’m sitting here in my room in Germany. We’ve finally become a family of international travelers! Notice I didn’t say anything about receiving a call from MY family. They arrived in Spain on Friday, and still haven’s sent me any messages. I can only hope everything is OK.

Right now I’m working on knitting the Garter Stitch Rib socks from Sensational Knitted Socks. So far, so good, although this yarn from Czech is a little hard. We’ll see how they turn out in the end. I gave up on the Pedicure Socks from Knitty. It wasn’t the pattern, although I did have to adjust the size to work with my yarn. I was just getting frustrated with such a simple project that I decided to frog it and start over another day.


Well, I’ve begun knitting again. And I have to say, it’s a lot more fun than the last time I did it (which was forever ago, read 10 yrs). There are a lot more interesting patterns out there, and I might try my had at making a sweater.

OK, I admit, I already bought the yarn and am just waiting to finish a few other projects. More on these tomorrow, as I want to post the pictures.

In other news, my Christmas gift-buying is almost complete. I went to the Czech Republic on a shopping trip two weekends ago and managed to find a few things. I hope to have it all done by the end of the week.

Now if I could just finish those quilts…