Travel Disasters

This has been the worst day I´ve had in Germany so far. I started the day optimistically. I bought my train ticket to the airport with no problems last night. I got on the right train this morning to take me merrily on mz way. I get there with no problems, and that´s when the drama begins. I noticed that the airline is not listed on the roster, but I thought it was some kind of mistake. I wandered around two different terminals for 45min (dumb me) looking for Ryanair. Finally I stop and ask someone at a car rental counter, because there are no PEOPLE at the information desk. Everything is computerized, making it hard for the dumb American. And that´s when I get the news. The airline is not ACTUALLY in Frankfurt. It just says that on my plane ticket. Obviously, I should have known that just because a city is listed, that isn´t reallz where the airport is. Where it is, is an hour and a half away. An HOUR and a HALF. And my plane leaves in and hour and 15 minutes. So of course I missed it. And there´s not another one to Valencia until the 26th. After Xmas.

So, I paid the 75,-euro and am on my way to Gerona, which is probably another 50miles from Valencia, which was 50 miles from where I need to end up.

Oh, the drama.

And the great part is, I can´t reach my family to tell them where I´m going because they don´t have one working phone between them right now. I´ve left messages with the people whose phones do work, and I can only hope someone gets the message.


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