Pretty Yarn Pics

Well, I’ve made another Loopy Ewe purchase. I wanted to try out a new sock yarn or two (or three). Anyway, today’s yarn pic is of some very pretty Cider Moon Glacier in the Bison Colorway. Brown is one of those colors that just looks good on me, so I’m happy to try out a new yarn that will look good and knit up fast. This is a sportweight yarn and I’ll be able to try out a new pattern from Knitting on the Road, the Denmark Socks.


I’ve also made some progress on the January One Jaywalkers. One sock down, one to go. And I’m actually working on it. No second sock syndrome for me. Yay!


Week 2- Civil War Shawl


I made it thru row 69 on the CWS this week. Yay!! Honestly, it was a good thing that I was working ahead of the deadline. I spent most of the week finishing the Baby Surprise Jacket and Feather and Fan Baby Blanket(which I forgot to photograph before giving them to the mommy-to-be). I didn’t spend much time on this project at all.

I do still love watching the pattern emerge, and hope to spend more time on it this week. Our goal for Week 3 is to get to row 81. It’s also fun to watch all of the other projects in progress and how the shawl looks in someone else’s chosen yarn and needle size. I can see how people find KALs so much fun

On a Roll

That’s how I feel with the Civil War Shawl right now. I’m up to row 60, and so far so good. No further accidents with missed yo’s, etc. I’ve been paying attention, and the stitch markers I made are really helpful. This project is really fun. I like seeing the changes that come with every pattern row. Our goal for this week is to get to row 68, and I’m almost there already. I’m going to keep working on it on my own schedule. I want to try to focus on no more than 2 projects at a time. I’m almost finished with an EZ Baby Surprise Jacket for a friend’s baby shower gift. After that, I’m going to try to focus on this shawl, a pair of socks at a time, and my Ribby Cardi. I want to get that finished before it becomes too warm to wear it, although it could become my fall back Spring Sweater.

Week 1 of the Civil War Shawl KAL, and other random things

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I’ve started on my long-term project for the foreseeable future. March 1st was the official start of the Civil War Shawl KAL through Yahoogroups. We have a weekly goal, with the first week being a little long to get things started. I’ve finished a bit early, but am quite happy with my progress and how the project looks to this point. I will probably vary in my ability to keep up with the weekly goals, and will probably do a little more this week so that I can be able to keep up with the next deadline. I really like how this is coming out and like the Knitpicks yarn. I’m not as enamored of their Alpaca Cloud as others seem to be. It seems thinner than the Shadow to me, and not as soft for some reason. I also bought their Bare laceweight, which seems a lot like the Shadow. I dyed it this weekend and it came out a really pretty raspberry color (we won’t talk about the first attempt).

So, here it is…
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I’m thinking I might make one of the projects from Victorian Lace Today. I also want to try my hand at adding beads to a project, so that will probably be tried with this project also. We’ll see if i do all of that while working on my CWS or afterward.

I also ordered a copy of 25 Favorite Socks from Interweave, along with Knitting on The Road. I have Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks and Folk Socks already. I was going for the Sock Trifecta. I can’t wait for these to arrive. I really want to make a couple of projects from Knitting on the Road, and Amazon was taking too long. It was just simpler to go directly to the source.