Week 1 of the Civil War Shawl KAL, and other random things

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I’ve started on my long-term project for the foreseeable future. March 1st was the official start of the Civil War Shawl KAL through Yahoogroups. We have a weekly goal, with the first week being a little long to get things started. I’ve finished a bit early, but am quite happy with my progress and how the project looks to this point. I will probably vary in my ability to keep up with the weekly goals, and will probably do a little more this week so that I can be able to keep up with the next deadline. I really like how this is coming out and like the Knitpicks yarn. I’m not as enamored of their Alpaca Cloud as others seem to be. It seems thinner than the Shadow to me, and not as soft for some reason. I also bought their Bare laceweight, which seems a lot like the Shadow. I dyed it this weekend and it came out a really pretty raspberry color (we won’t talk about the first attempt).

So, here it is…
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I’m thinking I might make one of the projects from Victorian Lace Today. I also want to try my hand at adding beads to a project, so that will probably be tried with this project also. We’ll see if i do all of that while working on my CWS or afterward.

I also ordered a copy of 25 Favorite Socks from Interweave, along with Knitting on The Road. I have Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks and Folk Socks already. I was going for the Sock Trifecta. I can’t wait for these to arrive. I really want to make a couple of projects from Knitting on the Road, and Amazon was taking too long. It was just simpler to go directly to the source.


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