Long Time, No See

It seem like forever since I’ve posted, but it’s probably been about a week and a half. I was determined to turn an UFO into a FO, so I spent last weekend working on my poncho-turned-capelet (Thank You, Wrap Style). I bought the yarn and cast on for this project back in November, when I first started knitting again precisely BECAUSE I wanted a poncho to wear. Here we are, months later. The darned thing was boring, all stockinette with big needles and thick yarn. I frogged it after letting it sit in the knitting hat box (my storage system) over the winter. Now it’s a capelet that’s too big for me (I don’t have the frontal real estate to carry it off), and will be winging its way to my sister for the fall.

In other news, I’ve started and am close to finishing this weeks socks for the 52PP. I picked a simple ribbed pattern from Knitting Vintage socks, some Regia yarn, and my new Crystal Palace bamboo needles and cast on. They fit really well, considering I was skeptical of the star toe at first. I like really fitted socks, and these are perfect. The only problem I have is that I followed the directions exactly, which said to start the toe decreases after six inches. Definitely too early for my feet. They’ll fit somebody (probably my mom or grandma) perfectly.

And, to top it all off, I started another lace project. I was really trying to do the whole project monogamy thing (aside from socks) but it really doesn’t work for me. I think if I can limit things to 3, I’m good. I wanted some simple lace, and the Civil War Shawl is not that. The pattern never stays the same (except for the 16 times I repeat it per row, ugh). Anyway, I picked the Arctic Diamonds stole from the Winter 2006 IK. So far, so good. I am only at the beginning though. I hope to have it finished by the end of next week. Then I can safely say that Mother’s Day will be covered.

Pictures to follow.


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