Gryffindor Sock #1 Done

gryffindor1.jpgSo I’ve finally finished my first sock for the Hogwarts Sock Swap. I think it came out really well. Let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Gryffindor Sock #1 Done

  1. That’s a very impressive sock! I’ve gathered together all the bits and pieces for your socks and think I have chosen a pattern but I’m still working on the yarn. I’ve had a couple of failed attempts at dying it – the yarn isn’t wasted just not Ravenclaw colours. Don’t forget to send me your address so that I can post them to you.

    I’ve sent a few emails which I’m not sure if they have arrived.

    Enjoy your knitting,


  2. it’s a great looking sock. now for a few questions.

    1. are you ok with lace down the instep of a sock?

    2. do you prefer a long toe or a short toe?

    3. grafting or pull through loops at end?

    4. favourite snack/sweet/treat?

    5. favourite keepsake from places you visit? (i.e. yarn, magnet, postcard, etc.)

    6. favourite smells?

    7. any colours you like besides the reds?

    8. so…..why 52 (or if i read this correctly 104) pairs of socks this year?

    9. are you totally excited for the harry potter book/movie coming out?

    10. allergic to any pets or foods or random stuff?

    (i’m excited by this swap. tell me things about you)

    –sock pal.

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