For my Sock Pal

I got a bounce-back on my reply, so here are the answers to your questions.

1. are you ok with lace down the instep of a sock?

I’d love it.

2. do you prefer a long toe or a short toe?

No preference on toes.

3. grafting or pull through loops at end?


4. favourite snack/sweet/treat?

Honestly, anything would be great. I’m not a chocoholic, and I don’t really eat hard candy (my parents really had very few cavities to deal with), but anything that I can’t get here would be good. I really like regional things. In MD, there are some brands of potato chips that they only sell on the eastern seaboard. I love to try things like that.

5. favourite keepsake from places you visit? (i.e. yarn, magnet, postcard, etc.)

I’m a scrapbooker, so I like to get things like postcards that I can save as a memento. And of course, yarn is always good.

6. favourite smells?

vanilla is a favorite scent

7. any colours you like besides the reds?

blues, purples, greens , golds, white, grey, browns

8. so…..why 52 (or if i read this correctly 104) pairs of socks this year?

The 52 Pair Plunge is a challenge to make 52 Pairs of socks over the course of 52 weeks. They can be baby socks, anklets, or whatever you want. There’s a blog for all the participants at

9. are you totally excited for the harry potter book/movie coming out?

I can’t wait for the book, it’s already ordered. As for the movie, i live on a military base in europe, and i don’t have a car. I might not see the movie until it comes out on DVD

10. allergic to any pets or foods or random stuff?

No allergies. I love dogs, in fact, but can’t have one where I live.


One thought on “For my Sock Pal

  1. psst, you’ve typo’d the link to the 52pp. Says the girl who wants to join late so badly, LOL!

    Which country are you in? It’s always fun to “meet” other European knitters on the web!

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