Show and Tell Friday: Hogwarts Sock Swap

hogwartssock2.jpgWell, today is Show and Tell Friday for the Hogwarts Sock Swap. I’m on to sock #2. Yay! I’m making my pal’s socks in Regia 4-ply, color #2002, and Wolle Rodel’s Sport & Strumpfwolle Classik, color 16965. They’re coming out great, and once I get done with the calf decreases, I’ll be cruising along. Included in the pic is the set of Crimson Orchid stitch markers that I custom ordered. Aren’t they great! I had to get a set for myself. Other surprises to come.

And if you’re interested, the Hogwarts Sock Swap is gearing up for round 2. Check it out here.


2 thoughts on “Show and Tell Friday: Hogwarts Sock Swap

  1. I absolutely love this red. Squee! I looked down the page and found the other (finished) sock, but I didn’t see mention of what the stitch pattern you used on the leg/foot was. I love the texture it gives in the solid color.

  2. Such a lovely sock! I’ve finished your first and I’m past the ribbing on the second – hope you’re going to like it.

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