Summer Stash Out 2007.

I’ve joined Summer Stash Out 2007. A wonderful idea that begins this Memorial Day Weekend and ends Labor Day weekend. I plan to focus on using my stash and saving money for Stitches East this year.

My Goals:

1. Use up at least 1/3 of my sock yarn (The biggie).
2. Finish the 3 shawls currently OTN. My Kimono Shawl is half way finished. I’m making a Shetland Triange for a friend to wear at her wedding in July, and my seraphim is at the bottom motif section.
3. Make the sweater that my sister requested.
4. Don’t start any new projects until these are completed.

Patterns, books, needles, and notions are OK.

Well, we’ll see how this goes in the coming months.


One thought on “Summer Stash Out 2007.

  1. perhaps i should actually give you my real fake email address. i need to remember it first though. i apologize for that. to keep you guessing and amused (should you need it) your pair of socks have at least one of the socks finished. go look.

    random question:
    what place to you plan to visit next? for work, pleasure, or shopping. what e’er you desire.

    random haiku:
    knitting socks is fun
    what pair is yours, do you know?
    c’est la vie, n’est pas

    random number generator:

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