Yarn Aquisition

I’ve been meaning to post a little on my recent yarn aquisitions (before the Summer of Stash started).

One of my most favorite places to buy sock yarn is The Loopy Ewe. Because I live in Germany, there’s not much opportunity to go out and see new yarns in person. There is an abundance of Regia here, but that’s about it. The Loopy Ewe has wonderful yarns that are delivered to me pretty quickly (read 1 week, which is great). It’s always great fun to get a package from Sheri, because there’s a little surprise in there along with the yarn. My most recent purchases have been Louet Gems fingering weight for a couple of the Cookie A. patterns, and some Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock. These are two of the yarns she pretty much has in stock constantly. Then there’s the special yarns that get cleaned out in a feeding frenzy-like atmosphere when there’s an update. I do not participate in these. If it’s not there when I go to the site, then I obviously wasn’t meant to have it.

Since I won’t be able to go the States until October, Sheri’s shop lets me get to try out all the wonderful yarns from a distance.

Oh, and Ravelry is DEFINITELY worth the wait. I’ve pretty much got all of my stash uploaded. Tomorrow, the needles!


2 thoughts on “Yarn Aquisition

  1. hey there, just found your blog today! i’m a fellow expat in germany too! i know what you mean about not having too much selection here. i did manage to put together a list of the indie dyers and online shops to help with selection. most of them have the normal – lana grossa, regia and opal, but there are some that carry other things. anyways, just thought i’d say hello and glad to know ya!

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