Mystery Stole 2, Clue #2


Finished Clue #2 just a few minutes ago. I’m trying to keep the knitting on this project to the weekends. That leaves me with the weekdays to finish my many sock projects that can be finished. The design is beginning to show itself more and more. I still am not sure of the theme, but I’m leaning toward something Italian, what with the swirling designs that remind me of beautiful architecture. Definitely European, at least. You might possibly be able to see the beads that are on this project. They show up much more in person, looking like teardrops on the black background, as I said before. The only thing I’m not sure of for this project is the shape. I keep thinking of a tablerunner when I see that pointed design.


In other news, I’m on the last stretch with my Sockapalooza 4 socks. The Flicker pattern is very nice, and very simple. That Cookie really knows how to make a sock that is addictive. They fly by because the repeat is so intuitive. I didn’t want to make Monkeys again, but I did want to make one of her other patterns, and she did not disappoint.


2 thoughts on “Mystery Stole 2, Clue #2

  1. the shawl looks great as did your harry potter socks. i can’t wait to see what you knit up next. you’re a speed demon! keep up the good work.

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