A Learning Experience

Well, I’ve learned something about myself while working on the Sunset Shawl. The shawl is worked in garter stitch lace, which would make it a faster lace pattern to do, because I can knit without even looking at my hands. Unfortunately, I learned after working the first repeat that I don’t LIKE garter stitch lace. So it was rrrrriiippp right back to the eyelet row. Thank God I was able to do that with no difficulty. I do not like doing all those k2tog, yo’s in a row. I guess I’m gonna have to learn to like it, though, since they divide every repeat from the next. Good thing this project doesn’t really have to be finished until October when I fly back to the States. It may take longer than I anticipated.

In other news, the theme for MS3 will be announced on August 3rd, along with the 5th clue. I’m really interested to see what that theme is. I still don’t think I have a good guess. There are lots floating around about tragic love stories, but I just don’t even know at this point.


3 thoughts on “A Learning Experience

  1. I’m just so intrigued and a bit nervous about why the lifeline was recommended – what on earth is happening next??? (I just finished clue 4, so have a day off before the big reveal…)

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