Blocking Wires? Of Course!

I finally finished the Mystery Stole, which from now on will be called Odile. She is an interesting construct. Asymmetrical designs don’t normally appeal to me (except the Hanami Stole, another PinkLemonTwist design). I still haven’t decided whether I like this one or not. The wing looks very pretty on the finished stoles I’ve seen, but I don’t really care for the transition between the two parts. What I do know is that this baby isn’t getting blocked without the help of some blocking wires. I plan to go to the hardware store and see if I can find some very thin welding rods to do this with. I just don’t have the energy to be crawling around on the floor trying to get this stole perfectly straight using hundreds of pins, then being disappointed because I still don’t really like the edges. As it is, I plan to re-block the Kimono Shawl for my sister when I go home in October, because I’m still not totally happy with the blocking job I did.

Did I mention that I tend to be a bit perfectionist? It’s a beast at times, but I can live with it.


2 thoughts on “Blocking Wires? Of Course!

  1. I’ve got 30 rows to go before I’m done – I’m sure hoping it blocks out OK!! I’ll be looking to see yours since you will beat me to the finish!

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