Done! Odile


Well, I did as promised and went right out to my local hardware store. Welding rods in 36″ lengths were 10 for 2,49euro. Waaayyy cheaper than buying a 30 dollar set from a knitting store that I would then have to have shipped to me. So, Odile has been blocked and dried overnight. It is a beautiful design, but my concerns still stand. I will say that it looks better when worn than while blocking, but I can’t get you any shots of that right now. I haven’t figured out how to take good photos of myself without a tripod, which I don’t have here. These shots will have to do for now.


ms3wing blocking

They don’t show the beads very well at all, but they are much more noticeable in person. Overall, I’m satisfied that I managed to keep up and produce this stole, but I have no idea what I’m going to do with it.


4 thoughts on “Done! Odile

  1. I saw it in person last night at a knit group that someone did.

    It does look really nice worn!
    I hate not having a photographer here as well! :o(

    Really nice work!! Proud of you too!!! You are far more brave than me!! :o)

  2. Well, it sure looks pretty blocking….mine is still 20 rows from complete!
    I use the self timer and put the camera on a table then RUN to get in the picture….I hope you try because I want to see it on!

  3. It sure looks very pretty.I guess it will look even more pretty when worn.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Your secret swap partnerfrom sp11

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