Done! Flower Power Socks


I managed to get the pair done, kitchenering (is that a word?) the toes tonight. Unfortunately for my little cousin, her feet are not so little! Her shoe size matches her age, apparently, at a size 10. That means that these will be going to some other lucky person when I get home. They should fit my mom or my sister well. There just the littlest bit too small for me to keep. And the best part is, there’s enough yarn left over for an iPod cozy! I’ve been yearning to make one of these for a little while now. It’ll be a great quick and mindless knitting project for tomorrow.

Then, it’s all Hogwart’s Sock Swap 2 socks all the time until those are done (I started them last week). The yarn is great and the pattern interesting, so hopefully I won’t even notice the time passing. I’m trying to finish all of my UFOs before I cast on for a new project. The casting on is my motiviation to finish. And, the Secret of the Stole knitalong begins on October 5th, so I have until then to get everything done.

Off to finish another project!


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