The Return of the Ribby Cardi


I’ve been trying to reduce my UFO pile lately. I’ve frogged one project (the Summertime Tunic, IK Summer 2007) due to apathy and boredom. Namely, all that stockinette is fairly quick but totally uninteresting. Plus, it’s time for some fall/winter projects. With that in mind, I’ve pulled out my oldest knitting UFO. The Ribby Cardi. I started this project back in February, I think? I got the left front and the back done before starting on the sleeves. I wanted to get something to help me with keeping track of all the rows, since this requires you to increase regularly. By the time my row counter bracelet had arrived, I’d lost interest in working on those sleeves. (Very pretty and useful, btw. From Crimson Orchid)

And, it was my first time trying to do the 2 on one circular thing. Anyway, I’ve resurrected the project. I’ve been working on the sleeves a little bit at a time over the weekend, and things are going well. Once the sleeves are done, I will begin the right front and hopefully get the thing finished in the next month or so. Ravelry has really given me the motivation to finish some of the things I have in progress. I’m jealous of all those people who’ve managed to finish projects that I’m still working on. Plus, seeing that they can do it makes me think I can eventually get to wear my knitted goods too.

And, I have another, more complicated sweater in mind to work on next. More on that later.


2 thoughts on “The Return of the Ribby Cardi

  1. I so need to resurrect a few things too!

    And my sentiments exactly about green eyes at folks who finish what you are working on, but it does give you the “can do” spirit!

    Can’t wait to see your cardi all finished. I sure wish I knew how to use those dang bracelets!! Are they really that easy??

  2. Hi, I came upon your blog via a Google search for the Cheryl Oberle kimono shawl – I love the Jaggerspun yarn that you & a few other knitters used, but can’t figure out whether you all used the lace weight or the DK – looked like lace to me, can you confirm?


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