Sock Club Day!

Today was Sock Club Delivery Day here at Chez Strawberry Chocolate.

I got in the mail my shipments from both the Socks That Rock Club and the Yarn Pirate Booty Club. Two very different but equally wonderful yarns arrived, along with some additional welcome goodies from Yarn Pirate.

First, Lenore. This yarn from BMFA is a sample of their Raven Series which goes on sale November 5th. Ooh, is it pretty. I love the dark, rich colors found in this yarn. Unfortunately for me, I’m going on a yarn diet (with one exception which I won’t be paying for). Otherwise, look out! I’d be shopping for more of these wonderful colorways. And have you been reading Knitspot? She is also discussing these colors and her process in designing a shawl for the BMFA series. Very interesting. Anyway, here it is:

STR Lenore

Beautiful, isn’t it. The sock pattern is by the Yarn Harlot herself, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I’m not sure if I’ll use the given pattern, but I’m definitely casting on with this yarn in the coming month. I just need to finish some other projects first.

Second, the Yarn Pirate Booty Club. I signed up for this as soon as possible when it opened back up in September. I’ve never used any of Georgia’s yarns, but they are beautiful. This one is Killer Bees, a very cool yarn in very nice colors. I haven’t decided what pattern to make. I’m thinking of something from More Sensational Knitted Socks. We’ll see. My plan is to make a project with these sock club yarns as soon as they arrive, so they don’t languish in the stash for too long.


In addition to the yarn, I got a very nice welcome gift, in the form of some Uber-Pointy Circular Needles for Magic Looping. They are in 2.25mm and 2.75mm sizes, at 24 inches each (I’m pretty sure I mentioned that I don’t do US sizings on needles, too confusing). These needles look like they might be just the thing for me to use with the Shetland Shawl patterns I am attempting in the coming months. I’ve ordered a sample pack of yarn from Heirloom Knitting, and I plan to try these needles out when it arrives. Check them out.

YP Circular Needles

Next post, Shetland Shawl experiments.


I’ve Been Tagged (7 Things)

For so long I managed to avoid these memes, but I’ve been tagged by Nicole. The rules are:

Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs. Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

Well, here are my 7 things.

1. I don’t like candy. Strange, I know. I was the kid who always said “No, thank you” when offered a lollipop at the doctor’s office.

2. I am the only sibling in my family with my set of parents. I’m my mom’s first child from her first marriage, and I’ve got half-siblings and step-siblings, but there’s only one person with my exact set, me.

3. I love eating cold food. You name it, I’ll eat it cold. Pizza, of course, but also mac & cheese, chinese food, sandwiches (burgers and chicken sandwiches especially), basically anything you can cook, I’ll eat cold. Drives my mom nuts. She can’t see the appeal. But what I notice is that things have a whole new taste when they’re cold. I just can’t fully describe the appeal.

4. I’m addicted to romance novels. You know, the kind where you already know the plot after reading the back cover. I love those things. I’ve got tons of them. I read them and then sell them to the used book store (in the States, anyway). I just cannot resist a cheesy love story. My addiction started way back in middle school. I skipped right over the teen novels and went straight for the romances. I think it was partially because my library had so many of them, and it takes me about 2 hours to read one.

5. Re #4, I am a speed-reader. I’m one of those people who had the last Harry Potter novel finished in about 7 hrs. My mom is the same way, and I think I just picked up the habit from her. I definitely got my love of reading from her. I’ve already mentioned the romances, but I also read science fiction (nerd from way back), mysteries, and most recently those manly action books by Clive Cussler. I loves me some Dirk Pitt. Anyway, this habit was really useful in college and graduate school. I don’t just read, I remember everything I’ve read. I sometimes put myself to sleep by going over a book series like Lord of the Rings (one of my favorites, read in 4th grade) to myself when I’m having a bout of insomnia. It really comes in handy.

6. I absolutely cannot sing. I can’t carry a single note. This does not stop me, however, from singing to myself when I am alone.

7. I have a ridiculously large stash of scrapbooking supplies. I keep collecting, in spite of the fact that I haven’t worked on a project in months. It’s just so pretty. Ditto for fabric and craft books.

So, there you have it. 7 strange things about me. Now, I’m not sure who to tag next. I have to give this some thought and edit this post later.

I Won!

Picture 008

I won a fabulous prize from Pam at FlintKnits! She has a wonderful blog with projects that I love seeing, and love reading about. I got to chose between some wonderful Vesper sock yarn in the Meteor colorway and some merino/cashmere sock yarn in Moss from the Knittery. Since I have some of the Knittery’s yarn (although not the cashmere mix), I chose the Vesper. I love it so, so much. I can’t wait to pick the right pattern and get to work.

Is Socks That Rock really Superwash?

Unfortunately, I learned the answer to this question last night due to inattention. I knew that my socks were in the wash. I put them in, inside out, just for the wash part of the laundry thing. My mistake was in forgetting they were in there. Duh, what was I thinking? I wasn’t, obviously.
Picture 002
Luckily these socks were a little big. Because they got felted just enough to fit. And really, I can only tell the difference because they used to be a little too big. You can only imagine my horror at seeing them in the dryer, though. It was not pretty.
Picture 004
At least I won’t freak until I try my socks on next time (I’m fairly certain there will be a next time!).

My 1st SP11 Package is Here

I’ve gotten my first package from my secret pal, and I love it. She clearly gave my interests a lot of thought, and I truly appreciate it.

First, the scents:
I love the smell of vanilla, and my pal picked the perfect thing for me. The vanilla sachet will be placed in my closet immediately. I think wonderful-smelling clothes make you feel good. In addition, bath roses are really fun. I plan to wait for a long day and put them to use.

Then, there’s the quilting hobby. These colors and fabrics are ones I would pick out myself. I’m going to find a great little quilt pattern to use these with.
quilting fabric

The scrapbooking:
scrapbooking supplies, etc
These are some of my favorite colors. And, I absolutely love the stitch markers. The little pouch that the beeds and stitch markers came in is great.

Then, there’s sock yarn. It’s a yarn I’ve never seen or tried before, so I can’t wait to get to try it out.
sock yarn

All in all, a wonderful package. Thanks A. Knitter!