My 1st SP11 Package is Here

I’ve gotten my first package from my secret pal, and I love it. She clearly gave my interests a lot of thought, and I truly appreciate it.

First, the scents:
I love the smell of vanilla, and my pal picked the perfect thing for me. The vanilla sachet will be placed in my closet immediately. I think wonderful-smelling clothes make you feel good. In addition, bath roses are really fun. I plan to wait for a long day and put them to use.

Then, there’s the quilting hobby. These colors and fabrics are ones I would pick out myself. I’m going to find a great little quilt pattern to use these with.
quilting fabric

The scrapbooking:
scrapbooking supplies, etc
These are some of my favorite colors. And, I absolutely love the stitch markers. The little pouch that the beeds and stitch markers came in is great.

Then, there’s sock yarn. It’s a yarn I’ve never seen or tried before, so I can’t wait to get to try it out.
sock yarn

All in all, a wonderful package. Thanks A. Knitter!


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