Is Socks That Rock really Superwash?

Unfortunately, I learned the answer to this question last night due to inattention. I knew that my socks were in the wash. I put them in, inside out, just for the wash part of the laundry thing. My mistake was in forgetting they were in there. Duh, what was I thinking? I wasn’t, obviously.
Picture 002
Luckily these socks were a little big. Because they got felted just enough to fit. And really, I can only tell the difference because they used to be a little too big. You can only imagine my horror at seeing them in the dryer, though. It was not pretty.
Picture 004
At least I won’t freak until I try my socks on next time (I’m fairly certain there will be a next time!).


3 thoughts on “Is Socks That Rock really Superwash?

  1. Are these the felted version? I really can’t tell the difference. Guess you got lucky this time.

    You’ve been tagged. Sorry if you’re not into this type of thing, but it’d be nice getting to know you.

    See the rules at my site.

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