FO: Annemor #5

I’ve been terrible about posting lately. I have been knitting, and spinning, but not telling people about it. I’ve been on a stranded mitten kick, and have got a few finished objects to share. The many Fair Isle sweaters that Eunny Jang has published lately have been sparking my interest. When I first started knitting back in the ’90s I remember designing and starting a Fair Isle sweater in multiple shades, the predominant of which was grey. Is it no wonder that this project got relegated to the WIP, then UFO pile. I remember having fun picking out the patterns, but there being a bunch of loose yarns in bobbins to carry around. I clearly had no idea what I was doing. This time I decided to start small. I bought the pattern for the Anemoi mittens back when Eunny first released it (and have found a few errata in the document while working on them) but just wasn’t ready to commit to the project. I finally cast on a few months ago, but found that my stranding technique was much tighter than hers, and had to rip out the cuffs that in no way fit around my wrists. Plus, since I taught myself continental a year ago, I haven’t knit English style since. I had to get back into the swing of things. Meanwhile, I found Selbuvotter, and fell in love. So, one Anemoi mitten got finished,

anemoi mitt

then Selbuvotter(love, love, love this book) came in the mail. I immediately cast on Annemor #5. I knew that I could use them as a Christmas present and they were small enough that they wouldn’t take long. Indeed, they were a very quick knit. I worked on them concurrently with the first Anemoi mitten and finished them last week.

Annemor #5, finished

They’re adorable. I got back to the second Anemoi mitten and finished it over the last 3 days. It is currently blocking and we’ll have modelling shots shortly.

I’ve learned a few things with these projects, namely how to carry floats over long distances and all about yarn dominance. There are a few great resources out there that have helped me along the way, and I’d like to share them. The first is the Fair Isle 101 class found at She Ewe Knits. This class has thorough photographs of how to go about doing this style of knitting, and really taught me how to carry the floats. The second is Nanette Blanchard’s site. She has some excellent written tutorials and her books and patterns look really cool. She’s one of the designated experts on the Stranded group (Ravelry link). And if you check out the Knit, Knit, Frog blog, you’ll find some excellent videos showing various techniques. Nothing beats watching someone do something in real time.

There you have it, what I’ve been doing lately. Oh, and I started my sister’s sweater. Both fronts and back done and seamed. I’m working on the sleeves now. They’ll probably go to work with me tonight and I should make decent progress on them. Then it’s just the very long skirt to knit.