Email Problems

Hi All,

I just wanted to apologize if anyone received an email from me requesting money, stating that I was stranded in London. Apparently, my email security is not all one would wish. Someone hacked my email account and sent out this disturbing message over the weekend. I wouldn’t even have known anything was wrong if they hadn’t also somehow changed my password. I’ve spent the last few days getting the issue resolved with Yahoo.

Again, I apologize if this gave anyone concern over their holiday season.



4 thoughts on “Email Problems

  1. Yes gurl!! I got that and KNEW that was NOT year. I just deleted it.
    I am just glad that is all they hacked.

    Hope you had a nice holiday and love your new header! :o)
    Take care!

  2. As someone who just had their paypal account totally decimated, I completely sympathize! Hope you have everything straightened out, and enjoyed the holiday season.


  3. Hey – you mentioned that you have an MD degree in your comments on Anna’s blog. There’s a Knitting Physicians Webring, and also a Knitting Physicians Ravelry group if you are interested.

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