A Little FO Retrospective

FO Mosaic 2007
This has been a fun year for me. I’ve tried lots of different projects and enjoyed them all.

In the next year I plan to reduce some of the stash I’ve accumulated this year. To that end, for every month that I go without purchasing new yarn $50 goes into a bank account to save up for a spinning wheel. I also vow to make more sweaters. I really liked working on my Tangled Yoke Cardigan and want to make more large projects like that. I’ve got a crazy sock yarn stash, so I don’t see myself giving up on the small projects anytime soon either.

All in all, a good year.


6 thoughts on “A Little FO Retrospective

  1. What an amazing retrospective – all gorgeous work!! I don’t think I’ve seen the green/white Selbuvotter mittens until now?? They are just beautiful!

  2. You had a fabulous knit year and I can’t wait to see what you create in 2008! (Ooh! Look I rhymed! LOL)

    Happy New Year!

  3. That’s scary about your e-mail. I like your plan to save up for a spinning wheel. My sister and I made a new year’s resolution to take the spinning plunge, but with spindles. Happy New Year!

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