Hemlock Ring

Well, I’ve finally made the blanket that has taken blogland by storm. 

hemlock ring 5

Pattern:  Hemlock Ring Blanket (with Modifications by Jared Flood)

Started: 16 March 2008

Finished & Blocked: 22 March 2008

Size: 52″ (I added one extra repeat)

Yarn:  Mary’s Little Lamb Light Worsted by Farmhouse Yarns in Gold

Needles: 6.0mm Knitpicks Options circulars, using the Magic Loop technique and Fleegle’s Circular Cast-On  (my favorite circular cast-on, since it’s easy)

Actually, this is my second attempt at this project.  When it was first released, I attempted to make it in some Beaverslide Fisherman’s Weight in the Oat color.  The color was perfect, but I really wasn’t feeling the yarn for this project.  It was quickly frogged and the yarn put away for another day. 

hemlock ring 4

This time, I chose a much more appropriate yarn.  It is sooo soft and wonderful to the touch.  Good thing, because I’m giving this blanket to my cousin as a wedding gift.  He and his bride will be getting married this coming Saturday, March 29.  I sure hope they like it.  I plan to add a “Return for Washing” label before gifting it, since I have a bad feeling about sticking this in the washer and dryer, even though you can do that with this yarn. 

hemlock ring 2

I’m very lucky to have a family that loves to get and give handmade gifts.  This is the second project that my mom has “commissioned” from me.  She paid for the yarn, I did the knitting.  The last time it was a baby quilt that came out wonderfully.  I’ll have to post a picture sometime.  She always lets me go for it, and I love that!  This time, she wasn’t sure about buying something off of the couple’s registry, since they only had small things listed.  They already own their home and don’t really need much.  Instead of just giving cash, she had me make this blanket for them. 







Yay! My Package Has Arrived!

My package arrived from Cary, my No-More-Humdrum-Mittens Swap pal. She made me the most fabulous mittens, including using yarn spun up from “Ebony”, one of her corriedale ewes. They fit perfectly.

nmhdms package 2

She also included some roving for me to be able to spin up from “Ebony” as well.

nmhdms package

Plus, there were stitch markers, tea, and handmade soap and a candle from her store.
serenity farms candle and soap

j&s laceweight shetland
As if that weren’t enough, she included the pattern for the Elegantly Simple Triangle Shawl and some Jamieson & Smith Shetland Laceweight for me to try out. Everything was fabulous.

mountain colors bearfoot pheasant3
I also got in the mail on Friday a skein of yarn through a Ravelry Swap. I’ve never tried Mountain Colors Bearfoot, and YarnDoc (Ravelry profile) was interested in my STR Firebird that I put up for sale or trade on Ravelry. We swapped with no incident, and everyone is happy. The yarn was just too bright for me, and needed to go to a better home.

All in all, a good mail day.

Stay tuned for the most recent FO in coming days (currently blocking).

Mittens Finished!

nmhdms mittens

Started: February 2008

Finished: March 2008

Yarn: Nature Spun Worsted Weight in Plumberry, Mint, and White

Needles: Brittany Birch DPNs in sizes 4.0mm and 4.5mm (still can’t get used to those US sizes)

Mittens Finished! Whew, they were a struggle. Not the pattern or the knitting, but the motivation. I think that the fact that the weather was finally warming up while I was working on them is the problem. I actually finished the second one in a day. I just sat down and didn’t stop until they were finished. I really like them, though. They are nice and warm, and should be good in the depths of winter. I’m going to make sure I mark the pattern in Latvian Mittens for consideration later. They are laid out right now to completely dry before I send them off to my partner along with some other goodies.

Sale @ Knit Happens

If you’re in the DC area, run, don’t walk, to Knit Happens. I made my way there today just because. It was a store I had never been to and I wanted to see what kinds of yarns they offered. Boy, did I luck out. I got a whole blanket’s worth of yarn for 0.95 cents a skein. It was Arucania Nature Wool Cotton, and totally worth it. Their sale yarns were from 55% to 95% off, with excess knitting circulars at $1 a piece. At that price I can afford to buy a magazine for one pattern, and I did. I got Rowan Classic Weekend just for the blanket pattern. On further study I also found 2 sweaters I’d like to make sometime in the future.

All in all, a great trip.