Photo difficulties

Well, I’ve been planning to post for about a week now.  I finished my most recent Shetland Triangle Shawl a week ago, as well as my Jitterbug socks and the March block for the Stitch DC blanket club.  The problem is, I can’t get the photos loaded.  My computer doesn’t like the sD card on my Panasonic camera.  They’re stuck in there for the time being.  And, I only have internet access on the weekends when I visit my parents.  Today I just happened to be visiting because I’m off.

So, I guess there will be no photos until next week.  I really wanted to share these, too, because I finally feel like I’ve got my knitting groove back and I’m excited about that.  For awhile now, I’ve just been keeping up with what everyone else has been doing, but not really getting in much knitting myself.  I think things started to change with the Hemlock Ring blanket.  The deadline really forced me to knit exclusively on one thing and I began to enjoy myself again.   I’m trying to dedicate myself to two projects at a time again.  One sock project, and a main project that I try to get finished in a reasonable amount of time.  I don’t know how well this will work, but I plan to try for now.

Maybe I’ll be able to post the pictures next week.


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