Blankie Central

So, in addition to working on my baby shower gift, I began a boat-load of blankets in the last few months.  It all started when I purchased Mason-Dixon Knitting.  I’m a quilter, so I know all about log cabin quilts.  I’ve even finished one, which went to one of my aunts (she liked it, I didn’t).  I’d forgotten all about that project, actually.  It was taken as part of a class on how even the ugliest fabrics can make something wonderful when used in small pieces together.  Anyway, I got hooked on the notion of making a log cabin blanket, so I started this:

 baby log cabin

It uses 14 different shades of Takhi Cotton Classic.  I need more colors, so it was put on hold.  Then when I went to the Knit Happens Sale, I got 28 skeins of Araucania Nature Cotton in 4 different colors (at 90 cents a ball, I coundn’t resist) and started this:

 moderne log cabin

It is a Moderne Log Cabin. I’ve only used 3 of the 4 colors so far. The problem is that this yarn makes my hands hurt after awhile, so I can only work on it in spurts. The latest round added the mauve section to the blanket. I think I’ve got about 10 more rows before I can begin adding the 4th color. Then it’s more and more sections until I get it to the finished size. I give it another 6 months to be finished.

Then I saw another cool log cabin, this time made of stripes, in a knitting magazine. I’m not sure which one, but since it’s a truly simple idea, I wasn’t about to buy a magazine for that pattern. It was my inspiration for this:

striped log cabin

And since they can’t all be square, and I liked the idea of a Pi blanket rather than a shawl, I began this some time ago:

pi shawl blanket 2

That Brooklyntweed has some great ideas, I tell you.

The striped log cabin has gotten the most attention around here lately. I’m aiming to finish it as part of the May Cotton and Cotton Blends Challenge as part of the Stash Knit Down 2008 group on Ravelry. So far, so good.


Sooo bad!

I’ve been terrible lately with the posting, I know. The problem is, I don’t have my own internet service and it makes me not want to post consistently. I may have to start making a thrice weekly visit to Pan*ra to use the WiFi setup there.

Baby Hat and Shrug

I did finish something, though. My cousin had a baby shower for his second child last week, a little girl. I managed to make a Miss Dashwood and the Baby Shrug from Simply Baby for her. I chose to do it in green, since I know people who are having girls get a plethora of pink clothing. Had to jazz it up a little. They were a big hit with the mom.

Next time…the log cabin blanket extravaganza