I’m A Loopy Groupie!

loopy groupie prize

Well, I’ve been avoiding yarn and yarn stores for the best part of the last 6 months, so I never was able to finally put in my qualifying order with the Loopy Ewe. Finally though, I realized that they DO have other things that I want in the store. In addition, I’ve been sitting on a $25 credit for the same amount of time. I decided to invest in another GoKnits Pouch for my knitting. I really love the small one I have and use it for every project that will fit inside, and some that are too big for it. The medium size pouch seemed like the perfect next thing to invest in, and luckily my credit covered the purchase price. I only paid for shipping, plus I got by welcome package to the Loopy Groupies! I couldn’t have gotten a better yarn for me, either.

zen string

It’s a beautiful skein of Lotus Toes from Zen String. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to make something with it.

Even though I haven’t been posting, I have been working on some lace projects lately.  I finally finished my Flowerbasket shawl, and I made a Leaf Lace Shawl with some DIC Smooshy.  Pics to come.


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