A Few Little Things


Pattern:  Flowerbasket Shawl by Evelyn Clark

Yarn:  Knitpicks Shadow in Sunset

Needles: 3.5mm Addi Lace Needles

Started: 14 September 2007

Finished: 25 May 2008

I haven’t been posting, as I said previously, but I have been knitting.  I finally finished the Flowerbasket shawl that has been sitting patiently in the knitting basket for several months.  I just started carrying it around with me until it was finally done.  I think it was the yarn that made me lose interest.  I don’t think I’m really a brown person (although my sister thinks it’s red).  It is a beautiful color, but I found it boring.  Then again, it could be the pattern.  I never really managed to memorize it, for some reason.  That meant I had to lug the pattern around with me.  This is not my favorite way to knit a simple shawl.  Simple means easy to memorize.

leaf lace shawl 2

Pattern:  Forest Canopy  Shawl by Susan Pierce Lawrence

Needles: 3.75mm Addi Lace Needles

Yarn:  Dream in Color Smooshy in Happy Forest from The Sweet Sheep

Started: 31 May 2008

Finished: 8 June 2008

I had a much better time with the Forest Canopy Shawl.  I pulled out some DIC Smooshy that’s been hanging around for a bit and got started.  This is the first time I”ve used sock yarn for a shawl, and I liked it.  I usually stick to laceweight (or smaller when I feel the need to frustrate myself).  It came out pretty well.

They’re both being mailed to my aunts in North Carolina for them to choose between.  I don’t want to try to figure out who will like which one the best. 

leaf lace shawl 1

And thanks to my sister Evelyn for agreeing to model the projects.


2 thoughts on “A Few Little Things

  1. Lovely Shawls – I like Evelyn Clarks Designs and directions. I have finished two small versions in the last month – just have to block the second. Getting someone else to model is a great idea!

    BTW – (grin) you are tagged for a meme. It is not a bad one. pop over to my blog entry for 1 July for the details.

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