Colorwork Mittens

I’ve been playing around with color combinations and patterns for my partner’s mittens for the No-More-Humdrum-Mittens swap.  I’m working with Harrisville New England Shetland in White, Grey, Wedgewood Blue, and Loden. Below are the two blue shades. I’ve been having difficulty deciding
harrisville shetland1harrisville shetland2
I’ve been having difficulty deciding how to arrange these colors in the pattern so that they have the most impact. I’m almost certain I’ve got it, though, and will update this post o over the weekend with my final decision and a peek at the cuffs.


2 thoughts on “Colorwork Mittens

  1. How’s your mittens going? What color did you choose? I like the dark blue one. Just cruising through my military knitters links. Have a great day!

  2. While I may be the most neglectful pal ever, I have been knitting and your mittens are coming along well. Love the colors you’ve chosen for your pal and the Harrisville Shetland softens up so nicely with a wash. They will be very cozy.

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