Today starts National Blog Posting Month.  Since I won’t be doing NaKniSweMo (National Knit a Sweater Month) like last year due to a vast number of unfinished projects, I’m going to attempt to post on my blog daily.  It may be a little difficult on my days off because I don’t have internet access at home.  I’m going to try, though, via Panera and any person’s house I can go to to log in.

I guess I should catch everyone up on what I’m doing lately.  Nothing exciting is happening.  I am still working on mittens for the No-More-Humdrum-Mittens Exchange 3.  I’m on my third pattern now, but I’m not sure what will come of it.  They’re really cute and I’ll try to post a picture as soon as possible, but they might not be right for my partner.  They have cute little fishies on them.  They are the Swedish Fish pattern by Spillyjane and I love them.  They are working up quickly since I’m using a stripe patterned yarn for the fish and basic black for the main color.  If they don’t work for my partner, they will go to my mom who is a Pisces.  She loves things with fish on them.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time on Rawfu, a raw food community very similar to Ravelry.  I’ve been struggling with weight loss or at least keeping my weight steady because I was unable to do any walking or running beginning in June.  I found out that I had developed stress fractures in both shins as a result of all the constant pounding on concrete I was doing as I ran 3 times weekly in the Army.  I know that concrete and asphalt are bad for you, but I had no choice since the PT (physical training) thing is mandatory for me to do with my section.  Anyway, no walking or running, on crutches from June to August.  As you can imagine, watching my diet was essential, especially since we get weighed and in my case tape-measured every 6 months.  Raw food seemed like it might help since plain old vegetarian was allowing me to stay at the same weight, but not really lose any.  I’ve learned a lot just in the three weeks that I’ve been attempting a raw food diet.  The first is that I really am lactose intolerant.  I made the mistake of having a McDonald’s shake yesterday, and boy am I paying for it.  I haven’t felt good since.  The second is that it’s really hard to give up cooked food!  I’m aiming for raw ’til dinner right now, which means good things like fruit smoothies for breakfast, fruit as snacks, salads for lunch, raisins and other dehydrated foods as snacks, and then dinner.  I’ve also learned that I feel so much more alert and well-rested when I eat this way.

Well, I think that’s enough for now.  Til tomorrow!


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