Nancy Bush and Lace

The first thing I did after gassing up my car ($2.41 for premium in MD!) on Friday was to go straight to A Tangled Skein.  I saw that people were getting their copies of Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush in the mail from Amazon, and I wanted mine too.  I’m too impatient to wait for it to come that way, so I went straight to the store that I knew might have it in stock.  I love A Tangled Skein for just this reason.  They have a small but well-stocked library and usually have just what I’m looking for.  Plus, I’d rather give my money to a knitting store just to show my support. 

Anyway, this book is wonderful!  The patterns are interesting and varied.  The section on Estonian lace history is wonderful.  There is a whole section on designing your own projects and a pattern library in the back.  I highly recommend it as another book that is a must-have for any lace-knitter’s personal library.  If you would like to see pictures and a review, check out Grumperina’s account.  She covers everything in her usual thorough style.


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