Sock Yarn

I’m finding that I really like the sturdy sock yarns for wearing.  I spent 2 years in Germany, and for durability, there’s nothing like German yarn.  I am trying the Regia Cotton with my Madder Ribbed Socks for the first time, and I love it.  It’s slightly plumper than the Regia 4-fadig that I have the most of, so I can use 2.25mm needles to knit it with.  Their 4-ply requires that I use 2.0mm needles.  I don’t mind the small size, though, since the socks are virtually indestructible.  It might not be the softest stuff, but it wears like iron and I don’t find that I develop the pilling found in the other softer yarns.  My Socks That Rock is wonderful to knit with, but it doesn’t wear as well and I definitely have noticed some felting on the heels where I seem to be the roughest on socks.  My socks made with Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn didn’t last a whole year.  I’ve been ignoring those since there’s a hole in one of the heels and it makes me to upset to even look at it.  Those are the only socks I have that have developed holes, though, mainly because I don’t wear the others as often for fear of what damage I may find. 

I also have some random unnamed Czech yarn that seems like it will stand up as well as the Regia.  I just haven’t knit with it yet.

Now, I just need to find a shop that stocks all the various colors of Regia that I was so used to seeing everywhere in Germany.  Then again, I think I might have enough to make at least 10 more pairs of socks before I run out.


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