Consistency, That’s the Key

handdyed garter rib

I’ve managed to finish a pair of socks for a co-worker who’s moving to Colorado.  I didn’t know they would be for her at the time that I started them, but shortly thereafter we had a conversation about handknit socks.  She’s originally from Lithuania, and grew up recieving a pair yearly from her mother in the winter.  Since moving to America, her mom has quit knitting and she herself doesn’t know how.  She told me that the only socks she’s ever worn to bed were hand-knit ones in the winter.  Since she’s moving to such a cold place, I knew she’d really appreciate these.  She knows they’re coming and is excited about them.

Consistency is a goal that I’m working toward.  I spent some time daily on these socks, often with them as the only project I worked on for the day in the beginning.  As I started to get bored with the project, they became my carry-around and car knitting.  At the end I just powered through the ribbing on the second pair and bound off in one night.  This seems to work and allow me to get things done.  If only I could do that with the afghans.


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