Welcome 2009

Hello Again,

2008 has not been very good for me on the consistent blogging front. I’m hoping to be a lot better in 2009, since I’ve joined several groups with the goal of finishing more of my ongoing projects and using up some stash. I’ve spent the last month knitting Christmas gifts and plan to post photos as I get them (not a lot of that going on as I rushed to get them done in time).

I’m also going to be very limited in the resolutions for the year, as I can never stay on target. My only plan for this year is to not buy any new books. That means all books. I have a few I’ve purchased in recent months and others I’ve had for awhile that I have not knit anything from. I want to make use of my book stash as well as my yarn stash in 2009. I’ve joined the Knitting From the Shelf 2009 group on Ravelry with this in mind. I’ve also committed to a 4 month ban on new yarn in 2009, along with the Stashalong. This one I can commit to, with the exception of my dad buying the yarn for a sweater he wants me to knit for him this month, Inishmore (Ravelry link) by Alice Starmore. But I’m not buying and I’m not stashing. If there is any left over, it’s getting turned into a hat ASAP.

I’ll leave you with a photo of one of the projects I did photograph. My cousin got David’s Hat for Christmas and reports that people thought it was store-bought while he was at home in Columbus, OH. I’m taking that as a complement.



Project: David’s Hat (Ravelry link) by Kenny Chua
Yarn: Lining- Cascade 220, Outer-Brown Sheep NatureSpun Worsted in Plumberry and Natural (leftovers from a pair of mittens)
Needles: 3.75 and 4.5 KnitPicks Options, knit Magic Loop

It was big on me, but my cousin Michael reports that it fits him perfectly since his head is big and he likes large hats (his words).


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