My Version of Project Monogamy

In*shmore (back), Valley Yarns Northhampton

In*shmore (back), Valley Yarns Northhampton

I really have a very hard time with project monogamy.  I get distracted by a new idea or a cute pattern in a book and off I go, casting on.  The problem with this is that I have multiple projects in various stages of progress that never seem to get completed (duh!).  And I like them all, even if I do get bored with one or the other.  I want to finish something.  The whole point of starting them is to have a finished object at the end that I can give away or wear myself. 

With this in mind, this year I’m tackling the idea of Project Monogamy, Ebony Style.  That means  I’m going to try to stick with a project with a few little afghan blocks or stockinette car knitting socks thrown in.  My first focus project is In*shmore by Al*ce St*rmore.

Close-up of In*shmore

Close-up of In*shmore

My dad picked this pattern out as a sweater he wants to have and wear.  He wanted something with a turtleneck that “no one else would have” (his words).  I think it will be uncommon enough to suit his tastes in this regard.  The pattern itself is quite simple once you get the hang of it.  I’m cabling without a cable needle, since this pattern really lends itself to knitting this way. I searched all over the internet for a good substitute to Rowan Magpie, the yarn the sweater was originally designed in. The Northhampton from Webs was closest in terms of yardage, at 247 yds/100 grams. The Magpie was 252 yds/ 110 grams. I was able to get gauge with the needles specified in the pattern. I even did the whole knit a 6″ swatch, wash and check process. I want this sweater to fit well. I also opted for a tubular cast-on to give the sweater a finished, hand-made (as opposed to home-made) look. I’ve been working on it daily with an occasional block thrown in to relieve the cabling monotony. So far, so good.

Eyelet square, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece

Eyelet square, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece

This week’s block has been the eyelet lace Warm-Up America blanket block from Knitting for Peace. I love these small 7″x9″ blocks because they’re very easy but very effective when all sewn together. I should be able to get at least 2 blocks from each skein, so I’ll be buying one or two at a time after I’ve used up my stash of Vanna’s Choice on blocks for a Vanna’s Choice block exchange with one of my Ravelry groups.  I also love these Knitpicks Harmony Straights (10″).  I ordered them specifically for this project, and as needles I could use with other small block patterns.  So smooth and nice to knit with.


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