Friday Check In

I’m all for trying to make this blog more interesting. I keep meaning to post but then get distracted by something else.  I hope to be more consistent in the coming weeks.  I’m aiming for at least one post weekly, but we’ll see.  I’ll definitely be posting after MD Sheep & Wool.  I couldn’t miss that, after all, since it’s about 45 min from home.  I’m also planning to devote one post to my current spinning fascination.

I love best the blogs where the writer just lets me know what’s going on in his/her world, so I’m going to try to do that more often.

 First up, I’ve managed to finish a few things since my last update. I got a pair of Hederas knit up as part of the Makin’ Cookies KAL on Ravelry.  The first time I tried making these socks didn’t work out.  Perhaps because I was trying to learn to knit lace while riding on public transportation 🙂   Anyway, this time I flew through the pattern and was ready and waiting for Sock Innovations to come to the nearest  bookstore.  I love the book, but why is it that Interweave Press can’t produce one new book without a ton of errata?  It was the same with Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estonia.  I swear, I’m going to start waiting until all of their titles go into a second printing before buying things from now on.  I thing there’s at least 8 sets of errors in this one, and about the same for Nancy’s book.

Hederas in Regia 4-Ply

Hederas in Regia 4-Ply

I also managed to finish a Norwegian Star Hat  out of my stash of hat-knitting yarn I got on sale at A Tangled Skein in February. I went in to buy some yarn for my mom’s requested birthday gift (another hat) and ended up with a small stash of Ella Rae Classic for my Christmas gifts this year. The hat and socks both went into storage to be given out in December. I hope to finish a few more things throughout the year to have ready by the time the holidays roll around.  I love these patterns and plan to make all of the hats on the TiennieKnits site.  She’s got a great blog, and she makes things in multiples, which is amazing to me.

Norwegian Star Earflap Hat

The next post will be all about lace…definitely.

2 thoughts on “Friday Check In

    • Are the photos showing up for you? Flickr is blocked at my job, so I’ve been trying to use wordpress for them.

      I’ll make sure to take lots of photos at the festival. I took the weekend off, and am planning to go both days.

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