Maryland Sheep and Wool, Part 1

Saturday morning I woke up fairly early because I was very excited about going to the festival.  The first time I went I was totally overwhelmed, but this was my second year and I was better prepared for the number of people who would be there.   I also made the mistake of starting out at 8 am the first time, and was sitting in traffic for an hour on my way there.  This time I started out at 7:20am and arrived at 7:50.  I made my first purchase by 8:20am and was on my way home by 10:45.  Perfect, because by that time the festival was very crowded.  The rain forced most people into the buildings, making the crowds seem worse than they probably were.  But, here’s a picture of what things look like when you’re one of the first shoppers to arrive.


There was fair food…


You can see how there seem to be no people around. This was at about 10am and everyone was in the barns.

There were sheep…


 And an amazing amount of wonderful projects that were entered to be judged…



I enjoyed myself more this year than last because I took the time to wander around and see all there was to see.

Next time, my purchases.


One thought on “Maryland Sheep and Wool, Part 1

  1. I enjoye the fetival. There was gridlock traffice in the main hall, but I survived with my new bud “dcknit diva”. We had loads of full at the festival and attended the ravelry meet up.


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