Going Cold Sheep

I’ve been part of the Stash Knit Down group on Ravelry since 2007.

Last year they began a Cold Sheep group whose goal was to not add to the yarn stash with purchases for however long the member designated for him/herself.  The moderator of that group has been knitting from stash for 3 years now, with a few small exceptions.  The first year  considered joining, and did in fact participate for all of 2 months.  I then swiftly fell off the wagon and decided this wasn’t for me, even though my stash is out of control.

This year I tried again, only to succumb to the call of Knitpicks and the Webs closeout deals.  I had given myself two exceptions.  The first, the Homespun Yarn Party, occured on the 21st of March.  I got some good stuff, including some Sanguine Gryphon yarns and a skein of beautiful yellow Wool/Silk fingering weight  from Ashton Studio Arts.  My second exception is the Maryland Sheep and Wool Show.  I’m actually not too worried about this one, as I go there much more for the fiber than for any yarn that is on sale at the show.

I’ve decided to try again to go Cold Sheep, with some modification.

1.  I will not buy any fingering weight yarns for socks until I have completely knit up my current stash. I’ve pre-funded my PayPal account to cover my Yarntini club subscription for the year, and am including that in my stash starting total.

2. I will not buy any lace weight yarns for shawls until I have completely knit up at least 75% of my stash.  Stash does not include any cobweb weight yarns, or I would never accomplish this goal.

3.  I will finish or frog all of my current UFOs by the end of 2010.  Right now that stands at 15 projects, not including some that are long-term Shetland lace knitting or have not been started yet.

I have a spreadsheet of all of my projects with start and finish date, yarn, yardage, mileage, and how many skeins of yarn that project used.  So far this year I have completed 8 projects totaling 14 skeins of yarn, 3900 yards, and 2.22 miles.  I will be documenting my progress here on a monthly basis until this project is complete.  I’m expecting it to take me at least 2 years to knit up all of my sock yarn.  It may be even longer if I don’t manage to complete at least two pair per month.

I think this is a do-able challenge and can’t wait to start documenting it all.


2 thoughts on “Going Cold Sheep

  1. Thanks for stopping by. I tried doing a similar calculation and the numbers were discouraging, to say the least. I’ve been trying to stick to at least 1 pair/month, and more if I can manage it. I’m thinking it’ll take me at least two years, maybe three, to get through it all. At least my wallet will be happy.

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