New Challenge

My best, longest-running friend in the world has been through a rough year.  Her father was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia this time last year and has been in treatment since.  He is now so weak that he is unable to continue the chemotherapy and has become bedridden.  They are having to consider a move to hospice care if things do not improve soon.

This has prompted me to consider finally doing something I haven’t been willing to work up the nerve for in the past.  Joining Team in Training.  I’m not afraid of training for a race, but I am totally uncomfortable with the fundraising aspect of things.  I am, after all, a serious introvert at heart.  My time in the military did at least help me to overcome those tendencies a little bit.  This would be taking it to a whole new level though.  I’m thinking that I may be able to work knitting, yarn, and quilting into my fundraising efforts.

I have until August 21st to decide if I can commit to this, but I’m thinking that the answer will be yes.