2010 Wrap-Up

2010 Mosaic

1. DSC_0175, 2. DSC_0160, 3. serendipity-socks-complete, 4. Lipstick-Lava-Socks, 5. lace-and-cable-socks-finish, 6. Vortex-Socks, 7. serendipity-socks-complete, 8. sundara-fsm-shawl, 9. self-striping-regia-socks

2010 was a very slow year for me. I expected much more to be happening knit-wise, but life got in the way.

I am missing two finished objects from this mosaic: My first top-down sweater, and a hat that I knit for the holidays. Otherwise these 9 things are all that got accomplished this past year.

I hope to have much more going on next year and have a plan that I hope will give me a more consistent crafting experience in 2011. It will involve socks (of course), sweaters, sewing, and weight loss. I am planning on dedicating one post per week to my knitting, one to sewing, and one to weight loss and overall life.

See you in 2011!