The Love of 1s

I’m participating in the Knit.Sock.Love KAL over on Ravelry that began this January and the socks in progress were shown last week.  I am happy to report that I am right on time with my knitting and they were begun on 1/1/11 and finished on 1/11/11.


Sticking to this project monogamy thing is hard.  I’d love to pull out 2 different things to work on but I’m limiting myself to one.  I intend to finish my niece’s Not So Tiny Tea Leaves sweater knit in Berocco Weekend as my second project of the year.  Then I will decide if more socks are in my future, or if I’m going to finish my Still.


Move More, Eat Less 2010 #1: In the Beginning

Actually, the beginning was November 22, 2010.  Yep, I started a weight loss plan during Thanksgiving week.  Luckily for me, I was in charge of the food and my brother and sister are as uninterested in turkey as I am.  Instead, we had cornish hens.

I have been struggling with regular exercise since I left the military.  Army PT is not exactly exciting or conducive to one’s sleep, especially when done at 5:30 AM daily.  As soon as I was able to, I quit that absolutely boring stuff.  Besides being boring, I had sustained multiple exercise related injuries in the military.  These included having to spend 3 months on crutches because of bilateral stress fractures in my lower legs.  I hated it.

On the eating front, all of that exercise gave me the false impression that I could eat what I wanted.  I was like a college athlete who stops playing sports.  I gained 30 lbs in about 6 months and kept it there for a year.

This past November I started a new training program with Floyd Seymour, a former boxer.  He has a gym here in Maryland that specializes in weight loss using boxing methods.  Wow, what a difference!  It’s actually fun!  I don’t mind going there.  The music is always pumping and everybody’s happy to be working out.  I have managed to lose 15 lbs since the end of November and there’s no going back.*

The Lean Mean Sweater Queens(Ravelry) of 11 Sweaters in 2011(Ravelry) will be documenting their weight loss progress on a weekly basis. The idea is that if we lose weight we can fit into smaller sweaters that require less yarn and less knitting.  That’ll be the added bonus to this weight loss, anyway.

I plan to post pictures on a monthly basis and show you a few of the recipes that help me make it through this ongoing challenge.

*Positive thinking here.

WIP it Up #1

One of my 2011 Resolutions is to become a monogamous knitter.  That does not, however, preclude me from starting new projects.  It just means that I can only work on that project until it is done.  Thank goodness for that, because I know now that I could not work on just my current WIPs and be happy.  Those I plan to intersperse between new projects until they are complete.


My first WIP of the new year is a pair of Hederas using Cookie A.‘s new book Knit.Sock.Love. I am participating in the Knit.Sock.Love group KAL on Ravelry and hope to finish all of the socks this time around, with a few replacements (we’re allowed four).   I already know I won’t be making Gothic Spire (Ravelry link) socks because I tried that before and it did not end well, lol.  All of those wrapped stitches using DPNs were a disaster.  I’m leaning toward making some Rhiannon socks (Ravelry link), but I will know for sure when that month begins.

In addition, for all of the socks except ones that I don’t have enough yarn for (i.e. knee socks) the yarn has to come from stash.  Not surprisingly, I have enough yarn to make every pair of socks in this KAL except for one.  I think this will work out well.  Less yarn, more socks.  It’s a win-win.