All over the internets you can find plans for 2014 sewing projects.  I too have been thinking about what I’d like to make this year. In light of my Seamless pledge, I want to focus on those projects that will make an everyday wardrobe.  For me, an everyday wardrobe must include basic dresses.

As a teacher, I need clothes I can be comfortable in.  I’m rarely sitting, always moving around the room talking to my students and directing them to solve puzzles for themselves.  I am not a lover of the lecture.  True learning comes from doing, so I’m at my best when I’m a coach in the classroom.

The dress is my go-to wardrobe staple, and Sureau by Deer and Doe looks to be perfect for this purpose.  I love that it looks comfortable, with a roomy waistline.  It is listed as a beginner pattern, and I can see why.  There are no buttonholes, no pockets to insert.  Actually, the pocket thing is the only downside for me.  I need pockets in my dresses.  That’s a modification I’ll need to make as I perfect the fit for this dress.  I am taking Lauren of Lladybird’s suggestions from this post in mind as I develop a staple wardrobe, so this weekend will be all about fitting.  The fabrics I have on order to make this dress should arrive by the end of the week, so next weekend if I plan it right can be all about sewing up wearable items from this pattern.

I’m hoping I really love it because I’ve got a couple more designs I’d like to purchase from Deer and Doe this year.