All over the internets you can find plans for 2014 sewing projects.  I too have been thinking about what I’d like to make this year. In light of my Seamless pledge, I want to focus on those projects that will make an everyday wardrobe.  For me, an everyday wardrobe must include basic dresses.

As a teacher, I need clothes I can be comfortable in.  I’m rarely sitting, always moving around the room talking to my students and directing them to solve puzzles for themselves.  I am not a lover of the lecture.  True learning comes from doing, so I’m at my best when I’m a coach in the classroom.

The dress is my go-to wardrobe staple, and Sureau by Deer and Doe looks to be perfect for this purpose.  I love that it looks comfortable, with a roomy waistline.  It is listed as a beginner pattern, and I can see why.  There are no buttonholes, no pockets to insert.  Actually, the pocket thing is the only downside for me.  I need pockets in my dresses.  That’s a modification I’ll need to make as I perfect the fit for this dress.  I am taking Lauren of Lladybird’s suggestions from this post in mind as I develop a staple wardrobe, so this weekend will be all about fitting.  The fabrics I have on order to make this dress should arrive by the end of the week, so next weekend if I plan it right can be all about sewing up wearable items from this pattern.

I’m hoping I really love it because I’ve got a couple more designs I’d like to purchase from Deer and Doe this year.


The Seamless Pledge


I, Ebony Robinson, am taking the #seamlesspledge until December 31, 2014.  I will abstain from buying any new clothes until the end of my pledge with the exception of the bridesmaid dress I will have to buy. I will find ways to be fashionable without breaking the bank. I will use stash materials for sewn and knit items unless supplies are needed to finish a garment.


I plan on posting regularly (at least once a week) while completing this pledge.  There will be sewing, knitting, exercise, and cooking posted both here and through my Instagram account.  I’m trying to be just a little more well-rounded in my use of this blog.  I do much more than knitting as a hobby nowadays, so the blog will reflect that.

Spring 2013

I’m jumping back into the blogging world. I’m planning to document more than just knitting projects, and Ravelry alone just won’t do. I have been dipping my toe into the world of sewing lately and I’d like to document that as well. Plus, I’ve been experimenting with sweater design and I would like to record the process.

My first three sewing projects will be documented over the coming days. They come from independent designers found via the internets and I think every one is pretty fab.

I’m Really Bad At This


So I’ve been participating faithfully in the Knit.Sock.Love KAL and trying to work on one other project every month, but not updating the blog much. Surfing and posting on Ravelry seem to be the limits of my abilities. I do, however, feel the need to keep this blog going for myself if no one else ever checks in again. I just won’t promise anything in regards to schedule. That way, maybe it’ll happen more often lol. My latest sock for the KAL is Mona in Louet Gems Fingering. I have a few different color ways of this yarn that I bought just for Cookie’s designs. It’s not my favorite because I find it very thin. I feel like it needs to be knit very tightly or the socks will develop holes from a few wearings. We’ll see, since this is my first time using it.

The Love of 1s

I’m participating in the Knit.Sock.Love KAL over on Ravelry that began this January and the socks in progress were shown last week.  I am happy to report that I am right on time with my knitting and they were begun on 1/1/11 and finished on 1/11/11.


Sticking to this project monogamy thing is hard.  I’d love to pull out 2 different things to work on but I’m limiting myself to one.  I intend to finish my niece’s Not So Tiny Tea Leaves sweater knit in Berocco Weekend as my second project of the year.  Then I will decide if more socks are in my future, or if I’m going to finish my Still.

Move More, Eat Less 2010 #1: In the Beginning

Actually, the beginning was November 22, 2010.  Yep, I started a weight loss plan during Thanksgiving week.  Luckily for me, I was in charge of the food and my brother and sister are as uninterested in turkey as I am.  Instead, we had cornish hens.

I have been struggling with regular exercise since I left the military.  Army PT is not exactly exciting or conducive to one’s sleep, especially when done at 5:30 AM daily.  As soon as I was able to, I quit that absolutely boring stuff.  Besides being boring, I had sustained multiple exercise related injuries in the military.  These included having to spend 3 months on crutches because of bilateral stress fractures in my lower legs.  I hated it.

On the eating front, all of that exercise gave me the false impression that I could eat what I wanted.  I was like a college athlete who stops playing sports.  I gained 30 lbs in about 6 months and kept it there for a year.

This past November I started a new training program with Floyd Seymour, a former boxer.  He has a gym here in Maryland that specializes in weight loss using boxing methods.  Wow, what a difference!  It’s actually fun!  I don’t mind going there.  The music is always pumping and everybody’s happy to be working out.  I have managed to lose 15 lbs since the end of November and there’s no going back.*

The Lean Mean Sweater Queens(Ravelry) of 11 Sweaters in 2011(Ravelry) will be documenting their weight loss progress on a weekly basis. The idea is that if we lose weight we can fit into smaller sweaters that require less yarn and less knitting.  That’ll be the added bonus to this weight loss, anyway.

I plan to post pictures on a monthly basis and show you a few of the recipes that help me make it through this ongoing challenge.

*Positive thinking here.

WIP it Up #1

One of my 2011 Resolutions is to become a monogamous knitter.  That does not, however, preclude me from starting new projects.  It just means that I can only work on that project until it is done.  Thank goodness for that, because I know now that I could not work on just my current WIPs and be happy.  Those I plan to intersperse between new projects until they are complete.


My first WIP of the new year is a pair of Hederas using Cookie A.‘s new book Knit.Sock.Love. I am participating in the Knit.Sock.Love group KAL on Ravelry and hope to finish all of the socks this time around, with a few replacements (we’re allowed four).   I already know I won’t be making Gothic Spire (Ravelry link) socks because I tried that before and it did not end well, lol.  All of those wrapped stitches using DPNs were a disaster.  I’m leaning toward making some Rhiannon socks (Ravelry link), but I will know for sure when that month begins.

In addition, for all of the socks except ones that I don’t have enough yarn for (i.e. knee socks) the yarn has to come from stash.  Not surprisingly, I have enough yarn to make every pair of socks in this KAL except for one.  I think this will work out well.  Less yarn, more socks.  It’s a win-win.

2010 Wrap-Up

2010 Mosaic

1. DSC_0175, 2. DSC_0160, 3. serendipity-socks-complete, 4. Lipstick-Lava-Socks, 5. lace-and-cable-socks-finish, 6. Vortex-Socks, 7. serendipity-socks-complete, 8. sundara-fsm-shawl, 9. self-striping-regia-socks

2010 was a very slow year for me. I expected much more to be happening knit-wise, but life got in the way.

I am missing two finished objects from this mosaic: My first top-down sweater, and a hat that I knit for the holidays. Otherwise these 9 things are all that got accomplished this past year.

I hope to have much more going on next year and have a plan that I hope will give me a more consistent crafting experience in 2011. It will involve socks (of course), sweaters, sewing, and weight loss. I am planning on dedicating one post per week to my knitting, one to sewing, and one to weight loss and overall life.

See you in 2011!

New Challenge

My best, longest-running friend in the world has been through a rough year.  Her father was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia this time last year and has been in treatment since.  He is now so weak that he is unable to continue the chemotherapy and has become bedridden.  They are having to consider a move to hospice care if things do not improve soon.

This has prompted me to consider finally doing something I haven’t been willing to work up the nerve for in the past.  Joining Team in Training.  I’m not afraid of training for a race, but I am totally uncomfortable with the fundraising aspect of things.  I am, after all, a serious introvert at heart.  My time in the military did at least help me to overcome those tendencies a little bit.  This would be taking it to a whole new level though.  I’m thinking that I may be able to work knitting, yarn, and quilting into my fundraising efforts.

I have until August 21st to decide if I can commit to this, but I’m thinking that the answer will be yes.

Knitting Hiatus

Wow, I haven’t spent and significant time knitting since my last post. I’ve been busy doing things with my dog Freya. This includes a few canine freestyle dance classes on top of her regular obedience training.

The other part of that is that she is still trying to chew through my yarn stash. It’s not safe even inmy lap. This means that I’m still working on the same pair of socks. I’m going to try for more frequent knitting sessions in the coming weeks. Hopefully at least the socks will get finished.

Watch this space.