I love it when the flowers start to bloom, even if it isn’t good for my allergies…


Monsoon Socks Finished

I’ve managed to get a couple of things finished around here. The Ribby Cardi was finished last weekend and worn this week. I’ve got to get a good photo taken and then I will share more. I also managed to finish my brother’s socks, made using the Monsoon Colorway of the Rockin’ Sock Club kit from the spring. I just didn’t like the original pattern with that yarn. I felt the design wouldn’t show up well. And honestly, I had no desire to try to knit mediumweight STR with 2.0mm needles. Can we say ‘serious hand strain’? Anyway, I used this simple pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks, the Beaded Rib, to make these socks. They came out great, if I do say so myself.

Monsoon Socks

I’ve also scrapped my original plan for my Hogwarts Sock Swap II two partner’s socks, and am starting over. I like the new design much better, but since it’s a surprise and she reads my blog, no posts until they’re in her hands (Hi Petunia!).

This weekend was the HeidelbergFest downtown. This is Heidelberg’s version of Oktoberfest, a one-day event with good food and lots of things to see and buy. I’ve included a few images I took.

Heidelberg Fest 2

There’s a group that comes in Renaissance period costume and puts on performances as well as selling food and period items. Let me tell you, that food is GOOD! I didn’t eat any of the guy you see on the spit, though.

Heidelberg Fest 3
There were animal skins in the process of being treated at one of the booths.

Mmmm, Good
And other really tasty treats. These are delicious. Kartofelpuffer (? on the spelling) are tasty fried potato cakes. I had mine with some applesauce.

This festival is one of the highlights of my time here. And in December, be on the lookout for photos of the Christmas version.