Mittens Finished!

nmhdms mittens

Started: February 2008

Finished: March 2008

Yarn: Nature Spun Worsted Weight in Plumberry, Mint, and White

Needles: Brittany Birch DPNs in sizes 4.0mm and 4.5mm (still can’t get used to those US sizes)

Mittens Finished! Whew, they were a struggle. Not the pattern or the knitting, but the motivation. I think that the fact that the weather was finally warming up while I was working on them is the problem. I actually finished the second one in a day. I just sat down and didn’t stop until they were finished. I really like them, though. They are nice and warm, and should be good in the depths of winter. I’m going to make sure I mark the pattern in Latvian Mittens for consideration later. They are laid out right now to completely dry before I send them off to my partner along with some other goodies.


Mittens! Mittens for Everyone!

stranded mittens

You can see what I’ve been concentrating on lately. They’re so fast and easy. Very Portable. And after awhile I have the pattern memorized and they fly by.

I couldn’t really get a good model shot of the Anemoi mittens. Here they are together, though.

finished anemoi mittens2

And again, without the model.

finished anemoi mittens1