Project Organization


I’ve been looking for a way to organize my knitting projects.  I love my Namaste bag, but it’s for my portable knitting only.  I have 3 of the small GoKnits pouches and all have socks in them, or a small shawl if the yarn will fit.  I also have a medium sized one that fits a larger shawl project with no problem.

I realized, though, that I had nothing that I could fit my Dad’s sweater project in.  I also have a couple of afghans still on the needles that are getting pretty big and need a better container that can be closed and sealed.  Whenever I visit my parents’ house I come home and immediately change clothes, because my Dad smokes and whatever he thinks, cracking the door and smoking next to it does not keep the smoke out of everything.  Washing my clothes is the easy way to deal with it for them, but my knitting projects are ongoing and I like to take them with me to work on when I visit.

So, I went to The Containter Store to see what they might have that would work as a project storage method.  I ended up with 3 of the Reisenthal small storage boxes.  I bought one of their baskets  and one of the bags in Germany because they are fabulous for shopping.  Germany is very big on reusable bags and everywhere I went I saw these bags.  I love them because I would get all of my purchases in the bag with no problem.  In the 2 years I was there, it was in constant use.  These boxes are the same.  I have a large one that I store my finished knitting projects in, and these small ones are going to be for my current projects.

Plus, they were on sale!  Even better!

They have a wire frame inside that allows them to have structure and stay up when in use, but they collapse when not in use.  I was able to fit all of the yarn not currently in use for the sweater (12 skeins of 100 gram worsted weight) in the box no problem.  The other two hold yarn for two baby blankets I plan to make.  I may go back for a couple more in the next few months if I need them.

I think I’m in love.