Sunset Shawl

I know that I have MS3 going right now, but I’ve been craving another lace project to work on. MS3 has clues that are released only 100 rows at a time (50 pattern, 50 return), so I’m limited in how much time I can spend on it. I’m finding that socks don’t really hold my interest right now, but I can dig into a good lace project and work on it whenever I feel the urge. I’ve also got a goodly stash of laceweight yarns here to work with. I want to use one that I am not going to be upset about messing up. I decided to use some Knitpicks Shadow that I have with no real specific project in mind (it did have a project, but I changed my mind).

box lace shawl

I have been wanting to make a shawl that can travel with me. It will be my workhorse shawl for cool planes, a quick pillow, a snuggly wrap, etc. I want this shawl to be square, so I can use it for many uses, but still be able to fold it into a small space and carry it in my carry-on baggage. Enter the Box Lace Shawl from Folk Shawls. The pattern is very easy to memorize, and the shawl is 25 repeats long. I should be able to finish it in the next month if I make it a goal to finish one repeat per day, at least. I know myself, so I’m pretty certain that it won’t take the whole month to finish.

Then it can go with me on my trip home. I can’t wait! It will be my first time back in the States since last May, my first trip to an LYS with more than just some Regia and Wolle Rodel yarn, my first Stitches East.

As I said, I can’t wait!


Hogwarts Sock Swap Package Is Here!


I got my package from my Hogwarts Sock Swap Pal today. Julie sent this goodie bag just for me all the way from the UK.

hss1 package

She made me a fabulous felted bag, Ravenclaw socks in a Chevron pattern, some lovely stitch markers and yarn to make some new Ravenclaw socks.
ravenclaw socks1

I also got some wonderful rosewood DPNS which I can’t wait to start using.

Thank You Julie!

Now I’m going to go re-read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows while wearing my wonderful socks.



I’ve finally finished my Sockapalooza 4 pal’s socks. Silly really, because they knit up so fast. I finished the whole instep of the second sock last night and had started the toe. I finished it this morning. They’re really cool socks, as you can see. I wanted something that was a Cookie A. pattern, since I had purchased almost every one of her designs, but not the Monkey socks (which are in hibernation right now, darn Second Sock Syndrome). These also count toward the 52 pair plunge, which is a good thing, since I’m so behind.


I’ve also decided to take the plunge and try spinning. I’m only willing to commit to a drop spindle right now, since I don’t really have the space for a wheel, and this is an experiment. I see even greater online temptation, though. All that pretty roving. With that in mind, here is my first purchase. It is from Fat Cat Knits in the colorway Hand in Hand. Right now I’m just playing with it. I ordered a Spindolyn, but it was shipped to my parents house in the States. I’m waiting for it to arrive. In the meantime, I may have ordered a few more things…

Mystery Stole 2, Clue #2


Finished Clue #2 just a few minutes ago. I’m trying to keep the knitting on this project to the weekends. That leaves me with the weekdays to finish my many sock projects that can be finished. The design is beginning to show itself more and more. I still am not sure of the theme, but I’m leaning toward something Italian, what with the swirling designs that remind me of beautiful architecture. Definitely European, at least. You might possibly be able to see the beads that are on this project. They show up much more in person, looking like teardrops on the black background, as I said before. The only thing I’m not sure of for this project is the shape. I keep thinking of a tablerunner when I see that pointed design.


In other news, I’m on the last stretch with my Sockapalooza 4 socks. The Flicker pattern is very nice, and very simple. That Cookie really knows how to make a sock that is addictive. They fly by because the repeat is so intuitive. I didn’t want to make Monkeys again, but I did want to make one of her other patterns, and she did not disappoint.

Hogwarts Sock Swap 2 Questionnaire


Hogwarts Sock Swap Questionnaire
Second Years

What Hogwarts house have you been sorted into?
I am a Gryffindor, and proud of it.

Shoe size? Foot length? Foot circumference?
Shoe size 8.5, Foot length 9.5 inches, circumference 9 inches

List your three favorite sock yarns.
a. Blue Moon Fiber Arts Watercolors
b. Louet Gems Fingering Weight
c. Cherry Tree Hill

Would you like to try a new brand of sock yarn? If so, which brand?
Oh, definitely some Koigu. I keep hearing great things, but I’ve never touched any of it.

Do you prefer variegated or solid sock yarn?
Solids or tonal yarns are the best, I’m finding. I love for my patterns to show.

What colors would you like to add to your sock yarn stash?
Any color is welcome. There’s no color that I dislike.

What kind of sock patterns do you gravitate toward? Lace? Ribbed? Fair Isle?
I tend to make either lace or textured socks with a ribbed base. I’ve started considering stranded patterns, but I still haven’t taken the leap towards trying them.

Do you have any allergies? (smoke, animals, etc.)
Smoke will give me some problems, but I’m willing to wash that scent out of anything.

Will your socks be exposed to cigarette smoke or animals as you knit them?
No pets and no smoking here.

Are you willing to have an international Hogwarts Sock Pal?
Of course.

Pair #6 Done


I’ve been working on these simple stockinette stitch socks for the last month. They’ve gotten worked on off and on as my interest in other projects determined. They were also my ‘waiting for the bus’ socks. Unfortunately for me, trying to knit while riding in a moving vehicle induces nausea. Stupid car sickness. I’ll never be one of those people who looks forward to a car trip as an opportunity to get a little knitting done.

Anyway, these socks are great! The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill in the Cabin Fever colorway. I have lots leftover for another project. They’re really comfortable and soft. I wonder how they’ll wear in shoes, though. I think they are destined to become my house socks. I’m more likely to wear socks than shoes any day.

MS3 Clue 1

Clue 1 of MS3

Clue 1 for Mystery Stole 3 was posted on Friday, and there was a mad rush to download and knit it. I was at work when it was posted, but I too excitedly cast on Friday evening. I did try to work on it in moderation though, with Chart A finished Friday evening and Chart B finished by Sunday. So far, so good. I still haven’t made a guess as to the theme of this one. I know that it may be a tragic love story, since Melanie says that you wouldn’t want to make it for a bride. I’m just enjoying the process of making something a little at a time. I tend to rush through the knitting to see the final product, which I usually promptly give away. In fact, I’m thinking of who to mail off Seraphim to as we speak.