Sunday Morning

And all is great here in Heidelberg. We had a few warm days, but this weekend it went back to being in the 40s. It’s OK, though, because in spite of the temperature, it’s been really nice outside.

I went shopping yesterday and still struggled to find a pair of pants that would fit. Where did my salvation come from, you ask? Good old H&M, of course. I plan to stop shopping here and just buy stuff off the internet. I can get cute tops, but the regular shoes and pants are not good.

I’m still on my weight loss journey. I start week 2 this week. So far, so good. I don’t know if my weight is different, but my clothes are looser, and that’s all that matters.

Til next time.


Muffin Top

I just had to say something. One of the few things I’ve found I dislike in Germany is the false notion that everybody is skinny. OMG. The jeans here are in sizes not to be believed, and everybody tries to squeeze into some super low-rise jeans that they should not try to squeeze into. Even skinny little girls have muffin top. It’s a little disturbing. Oh Well. I know what size I wear, and at least H&M is there to save me. But really, not everyone is a size 0, thank god.

Spring in Bloom

Hi All,

Spring is here in Germany, even if it is still 50 degrees on a good day. The flowers are blooming, as well they should be with the daily rain. It’s nice to see some new life when I look out my window.

I had friday off and took the time to wander around enjoying the outside.

Have a Happy Easter!


Nothing New

Hey all!

All is good here with me. Nothing exciting going on. I thought that I was going to be taking a trip to EuroDisney, but that didn’t pan out. Heck, that trip was only 100euro less than the cruise to norway that’s coming up. Anyway, maybe next trip I’ll be up for the ride. We’ll see.

Got some new shots of Germany to show, this time the castle here in HDB. I have really got to get out and explore more of the country. It’s hard seeing other places without a ride. Oh Well. I’m not tryin’ to spend any extra money on some hooptie that won’t last the time I’m here with high insurance to boot.

Talk to ya later.